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So What You're Not Going To Do Is

So what you're not going to do is
Hurt me
Crush me
Suffocate my spirit, hopes and dreams.

Yes, I said what you're not going to do
Is tear me down
Beat me
Hate me
Then leave.

See, what you're not going to do
Is disappoint
And shred my self esteem.

And do you know why.
Because I.
I said I
Truly am somebody's queen.

So if you don't appreciate
My love
Then by all means
Remove yourself
From my fairytale dreams.

See I would leave
But I gave GOD my word
That I would love.
Fight for the relationship
That is right

But if you can't see
All that can be
Then my reality
More than we.
It needs trust.
Love so deep
It conquers.
The good and the bad.
The happy and the sad.
The ups and downs.
Times when we should be laughing
But still frown.

See that's what I want,
And this possibility
Can be achieved.

If only you are willing to try
And see why
Am here in your life
Maybe I'm supposed to be
Your wife.
But you rather let past love
Keep you distant and rebellious.
Cuz trust was never stable
Cuz lust always was labeled
As love.

But I'm not her
I'm me
If only you see

If only you look
And appreciate what it took
To still be standing
Still giving love a chance and
For me to fight
For a love that maybe right

But there's only so much
One can endure and such
Stop living in the past
That last relationship didn't last
But you never closed that door
So you never truly explored
Who I be
The love I have is free.
If only you come see.
Under GOD's wing and be.

But what you're not going to do is
And say, you gave it a try
When I
Am still waiting
To meet you a first time.

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So What You`re Not Going To Do Is

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