It hurts to breathe just as it hurts to think of what I'm gradually becoming

Putting up a brave face on the outside when my insides are on a melt down

If I let out the scream I hold in for sure my lungs will collapse and the earth bow

Beneath all that diligently applied make up are scars that seem to multiply with time

If I'm to let go of this pain, hold my breath forever I will seize to become entirely

So I breathe in deeply what seem to be gut wrenching acidic air tearing up my insides

Out to civilization here I come, mechanical steps and plastic visage as my cloak

Well put together that's how they see me when I'm nothing but a hot mess on the inside

I won't let my insides swallow me whole so I'll put up the charade smile if I must

Every breathe a sure reminder that I'll surely become undone- it's only a matter of time

My heart is a ticking time bomb, my blood cold fuel and each scar a tiny cold spark

World be prepared for what's to come for what you see is calm before a freaking storm

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