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Midnight's Flower

With sweet tea and a candle,  and a good book to read, 
the comforts of home are all I need
Sunshine fills this day once the rain has faded away
Longer days this time of year when the moon and stars
Draw near the day slowly disappears 

A magic in the air of summers night when bats take
their lunar flight, the eerie screeching of shadows might
Clings to the haunting on a summers eve, like something
hidden in the magician's sleeve   The night air ruffles
The fullness of the trees and brings the nightlife to its knees

Crickets sounding in their nest, frogs croaking with no rest
Silence speaks loud living with the same nocturnal crowds
When twilight has her say, she will slip away bringing the
Easy, lazy day.
Nature bustles to the sway when sunshine travels to find the way

So help yourself to ice sweet tea, and watch the hours quickly flee 
Time stands still for no one so plain to see it moves to the voice of
destiny the whispers of seasons day or night is born to us in joy and
The lofty moments gain its power in blooms of midnight's flower
A gift to our lives gentle showers

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Midnight`s Flower