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Chapter Two
        “The Ride”
She finally
digs out
the second
black bootie
from the back
of her closet
the last piece
for tonight’s outfit
that will get her
through the door
at the party
the booties will add
a little height
and give her a
more mature look
than her usual
Vans High Tops
when matched with
her perfectly fitted
that with her
extra tight
black Roxy
tee shirt
and she is now
she does a fast
trial run
of her cover story
the trick is to
be able to tell it
to her dad
in one smooth
quick burst
with no hesitation
on her part
and with as few
checkable facts
as possible,
she slips on a
light wind breaker
a little camouflage
over a look
that is much
too Hot
for a sleep over
with the girls
she gives her dad
a rapid fire delivery
of her plans
for tonight
adding a hug
at the end of
her bullet points
which she has learned
helps to cut down
on exploratory questions
from her dad,
she also catches
a break in that the
start of the S.J. Sharks
hockey game is
on tv,
so her dad gives her
a quick rubber stamp
of approval
for the sleep over
so he can get
back to the game
in front of him
he tells her
to be careful
and slips her
twenty dollars
for snacks
and then he resumes
watching the game
before she is even
out the door,
her two friends
Cathy and Lace
are waiting in a
borrowed car from
Cathy’s parents
Cathy had turned
a few months ago
music was thumping
as loud as possible
out the open windows
from the stock stereo
of the borrowed
two door car,
Zoe pulls off her
wind breaker
and tosses it into
her dad’s car
her “office”
through a rolled
down window
before piling into
the back seat
of her friend’s
borrowed little car
causing all three girls
to start squealing
about how much fun
they are going to
have at the party
and then before
the car is slipped
into gear
all three girls start
talking at the same time
using their own form
of shortened words
and wild hand gestures
in a chaotic conversation
that never pauses
not unlike the lives
of teenage girls,
it was much too soon
to head straight
to the party
these girls were
always fashionably late
to everything they did
plus the guys manning
the door
were always much stricter
at the start of
a party
when it came to paying
full price for the cover
or looking the other way
when checking the validation
of the ages being stated,
the girls decided to
kill some time
driving down the more
popular streets of San Jose
it was a hot
summer night
that felt loaded
with energy
plenty of tan
shirtless boys
to chase after
that were out
killing their own
share of time,
Zoe is the
most vocal
of the three
of them
calling out to
any cute guy
worthy of their
sticking her head
up and out of the
passenger side window
from the safety of
the backseat
most of the guys
seemed to love it
the give and go
between them
and the girls
as they yell from
their car to the guys
that were walking
or in the next
car over
while waiting for the
light to change
then trying to
think up new comments
and devilish ways to
deliver them to
the next guys that
they came across,
both Zoe and Lace
had their bodies
squeezed through
the passenger side
hanging out over
the car door
giving a car load
of boys
two lanes over
their best one line
verbal jabs
with some flirting
mixed in
the boys were
very loudly
returning fire
and blasting the girls
along with anybody
else in a ½ mile radius
with their top of
the line custom
car stereo
“The Descendents”
was playing in
perfect clarity
when a S.J. police
cruiser pulled in
between them both
and lit them up
along with a short
chrip of the siren
shutting down
the boy’s display
of audio prowess,
Zoe and Lace both
tried to pull themselves
back inside the car
through the tight
space of the open
at the same time
only to get hopelessly
tangled up,
Zoe almost loses her
tee shirt trying to get
out from under Lace
both girls ducking
down to the floor
of the car when
they finally do get inside
as the light turns green
the boys take a right
to ditch the cops and
Cathy drives straight ahead
the only one of the
three girls visible now
in the car,
the cops having plenty
of more important duties
to throw their time at
and don’t give either
car a second glance
as all three girls are
laughing hysterically
as they drive on
to the party…
     Tom Allen…06-04-2018…