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Kingdom of Old

The people scattered, when the
Invaders turned on them all at once, reared
Their ugly heads and pounced.
Weeks of battles became a full-blown war
The pillaging and plundering shook the air like
Thunder, The Kingdom of Old was no longer
Bold. They were robbed of their gems, silver,
and gold. 

Only one hope remained for the Queen,
She must regain her throne.
Her kingdom was tattered and torn.
Her people gathered in the forest to hold
A plan of action, they were dedicated to unite
And avoid all distraction.
Time was not on their side, they just knew that
Something needed to be done, they could no
Longer hide.

One by one the soldiers were armed for battle
That would make or break the Kingdom they 
Have known all their lives, the warriors of the 
East lost their farms and cattle to the Northern
Vandals, the supply of food was quickly 
Fading when produce was no longer abundant for trading.
Yet, Trading would be the least of their problems,
When they were starving.

One last stand to loosen the grip of their forceful
Hand. The Queens General would strike when they
Were sleeping, and take back what the Vandals were
Keeping. Weak and limited, they made their plans for
Each corner of the land then pulled together for a stand.

The time was nearing, preparations were clearing
The march for victory was ready to begin, there was
Too much loss, to even believe that someone could 
Win. There will be a movement in the darkness that 
Will bring on the light, as the gathering is ready to

To be continued: The Kingdom of Old part two

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Kingdom of Old