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Enter Good, Exits Bad

Exit enter, 
the deepest corners of the mind 
What mystery lies within, when
did it all begin?

Some energy released in dreams,
Sometime in nightmares screams.
It's not what it may seem, but
It speaks in redundant streams.

When life seems heavy and hard
To bare, when it seems so unfair
When people look in your direction
In loving care, we must find a way
To provide and care. That is the
Time to share.

So lighten your burdens and woe, tell
Selfishness's time to go, it can be
A time to see how beautiful, life can be

A strength and wisdom can grow as life
Strikes its hardest blows, look for the good and
Bad, and feel the wisdom to vanish the sad.
Knowing what lives on will reflect all we had.

What was will return to change our sorrows 
so glad, our outlook is rearranged 
The obvious is maintained unstained 
To look for comfort and joy, the mission is
Ready to guide with power that will abide. 
The good Lord will be by your side.

Now those troubles will run and hide
I will walk with you on the other side
Time and space is on the chase, keep moving 
Forward then quality, you will surely encase.

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Enter Good, Exits Bad