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Promised Land

A single tear streams down my face.
I was abandoned in a dark forsaken place.
So very hungry and thirsty my life was full of
Tormented pain, I was trapped in a land that was
Distorted and insane.

Days were as dark as night, without the sun in sight.
I needed a miracle to find my way home, this 
Was not a safe place to roam. 
I had no other choice, but to lay down and die.
My tears would not flow, my eyes were too dry.

I walked by the water's edge, before me an
Angel appeared and told me I was safe by her
Side, on the wings of that angel  we both 
Started to fly. Over the seas, above the land of toil, 
The angel held me in loving arms.

Soon the scenery of darkness faded away, the light 
Began to shine like no other rays.
Drifting away from the sea below a chain of snow-capped
Mountains began to show. 
Forward we continued to go.

Soon a soft light of stars lit the skies and began to glow
In my angel's eyes.
A peaceful flight, in the skies of that night. I knew then
That I would be alright.
A cabin appears with a candle in each window flickering

She had brought me home, she was ready to bring me to my
Will I see you again soon? I turn to bid farewell, but she was

I grew up, I grew old, and one winter night of bitter cold, my
Angel appeared I had nothing to fear, a tear of ice dropped in the
Palms of my hands, before I knew it, I walked the shores in
 the purity of white sand, together we stood hand in hand.
The Good Shepherd embraced us in our home of the Promised Land.

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Promised Land