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       Chapter Four
      “House Party”
     “The beginning”
As the girls start to
near the house
music and the smell
of beer
comes to them
on the light breeze
that was flowing through
the neighborhood,
the girls walk past a
couple of people outside
milling about on the lawn
they gave a few nods
and got a few back
no signs of random people
throwing up in the bushes
which is normally good,
Cathy walked right up
to the open door
asking the guy
manning the door
what the cover charge was
as she held out
a fake I.D.
the only girl of the three
that had one
he said ten bucks
for everyone else
not even looking at
her I.D.
but only five for you
Lace didn’t say a word
or show any form of I.D.
she just handed him
a five and grabbed a
red Solo plastic cup
from the stack on the
table in front of the guy
he’s still checking out
Lace as Zoe follows
behind her
blowing a large drag
of smoke
from her cigarette
in front of her
“are all the guys
as cute as you?”
asks Zoe
trying to make
quick work of this
fascist check point,
he turns to face her
“How old are you?”
he asks
“nineteen” she says
pushing her breasts out
against her tee shirt
trying to look older
“She’s with me”
is all Lace says
as she drops a five
on the table and
grabs another red
plastic Solo cup
and yanks Zoe
through the doorway
the guy just picks up
the five and turns his
eyes towards the next
group of kids walking up
to the door,
the party had a good crowd
but the girls certainly
weren’t lost in it
they drew plenty of
attention as they
crossed the room
but unlike a high school
keg party
people didn’t just
stand around in little clicks
as they drank and stared
at each other
the people flowed freely
throughout the place
many people meeting
for the first time
uncategorized by
past party miscues
and unjust social rankings
even so the girls stick
together as they each
got their red plastic Solo
cup filled up at the tap
then found a good spot
with high visibility to
check out the talent
and the competition
they would have to
work through to get
some personal time
with the really cute boys,
there were plenty of
high schoolers at the party
as there is at most
college only parties
even a few that
they recognized
the average age of most
of the people there was
between seventeen and
once you hit twenty one
cheap college bars tended
to overtake house parties,
Cathy spots a couple of
her friends from work
and splits off from the trio
to say hi and talk
Lace doesn’t have to wait
long before she draws a
squad of three guys over
to her and Zoe
all three guys seemingly
interested in anything
Lace has to say
she gives them back
a lot of one word replies
and these guys of about
seventeen are fine with
that, really just wanting
a reason to be able to
get a good look at her
and give her some
of their best lines,
Zoe works her way into
the conversation
a couple of subtle verbal
jabs at a time
that quickly gets one of
the guys to forget all
about Lace and concentrate
solely on Zoe
he steps in between the
two girls facing Zoe with his
back to Lace
trying to cut her off from
the group and have her
all to himself,
Zoe thinks he’s kind of cute
not the pick of the litter
but he has an
awkward charm
with a low pressure approach
he asked her the usual get to
know you party questions
Zoe gave him back lots of
made up answers
partly for her safety but
mostly just for fun
she hits him with a question
of her own “what type of music
do you like to listen to” she asks
but before he can speak she
jumps back in with “No wait, let
me try and guess”
she looks him over and tries to
find any clues as to his musical
the clothes he was wearing
spoke of the kind of guy that
made only middle of the road
choices in his life
so definitely not Punk
or Heavy Metal
no buttons with “Save the whales”
so not that whinny EMO music
he hasn’t any signs of refinement
to make her think classical in the
Beethoven or Brahms sense
and his clothes aren’t baggie
enough to make her say Rap
“well I’m going to have to go
with country music” she says
“Your right, how did you know?”
he says quite impressed
“It’s a Gift” Zoe says smiling,
Lace steps over to Zoe and
forcible bumps the boy
out of her way
“I need to get more beer,
and use the bathroom
but not in that order” Lace says
“Right now?” says Zoe
“Yes Now” Lace says
sticking her little finger
into the back pocket of
Zoe’s jeans and pulls her
away from the boy,
“See ya” Zoe says
walking backwards due to
the influence of lace’s
little finger
“What’s your name?”
shouts the boy that
might already be
falling in love with her,
“ZOE!” she shouts back
to him
“Boy your right” says Lace
“your jeans are f---ing tight
I can barely get my pinky
into your back pocket”
Zoe gives the guy a little wave
then turns around and
puts her arm around Lace’s
waist and heads down the
hall with her,
they went past the first
way to long a line for Lace
and her small bladder
they found one off the
garage that only had
two guys waiting in line
to use it,
the two girls filed in
behind the two guys
the guy right in front
of them is 6’10,
and would look like
the incredible Hulk
if he was only green
instead of perfectly tanned
Lace leans over and inserts
herself into that little bit
of space between him
and the guy in front of
trying to take full
of her steep curves
in that tight space
“any chance two beautiful
ladies could cut past you
in line” says Lace as she nods
towards Zoe “I promise to
put you on the top of my
list of guys at this party
that might just get lucky” Lace
tries to strike a sexy pose to
help seal the deal just in case
that last sentence wasn’t
enough on its own,
Zoe just shakes her head
and mumbles something
about Lace doing almost
anything for cuts in line
the guy chuckles at Lace’s
humor and says
“what happened to equal
rights for women?”
he said smiling at her
as she replies “Screw
equal rights, I got to pee”
he points to a girl,
standing thirty feet away
“ you see that tall
blond over there, I don’t
think she wants me on
the top of any girl’s
list that might get lucky,
other than hers”
Lace looks over at a
very beautiful and perfect
looking blond and is unable
to come back with anything
else so Zoe steps up from
behind the guy “Come on Dude,
my friend really needs to go
she was born with a really
small bladder, looking him
in the eye,
he laughingly shakes his head
“Ok, you two can cut in front
of me, but only because this
one here looks like my
little kid sister”
smiling at Zoe “who is only
sixteen, and if I caught her here
I’d drag her back home”
“I’m nineteen, thanks bro”
says Zoe as she slips past him
and besides Lace,
then the other guy in front
of them turns around “I don’t
have a sister, so there’s no way
you two are going to cut in
front of me”
the perfectly tanned Hulk
reaches over both girls and
firmly puts his hand on the
other guy’s shoulder and says
“are you sure about that friend?”
giving his shoulder a mind
changing squeeze as the
bathroom door opens and
the guy is held firmly in place
as Zoe hops past him into
the bathroom doorway
“looks like were next” says Lace
mocking him
“Come on Lace” Zoe says as
she yanks Lace in and closes
the door,
the other guy having lost his
urge to pee quietly sulks away,
Zoe looks around the bathroom
as Lace takes care of business
“diffidently no women living here”
says Zoe as she opens up all the
cabinets and looks under the sink
“see no tampons  and just one old
off brand lipstick” Lace gets
herself all straightened out
and starts washing her hands
Zoe sticks her hands under the
hot water too,
then both pairs
of hands
begin to wrestle
each other for
the soap,
after a brief
both girls
finish up and
dry their hands
then Lace pulls
out her phone
as both girls
stand in front
of the sink
with their backs
to the wall size
the shutter
and flash
capture a
perfectly timed
of the two girls
side by side
and cheek to cheek
with the flash
reflecting back
off the mirror
behind them
and framing
the two girls
in a bright light,
both girls are
giggling when
they roll out of the bathroom
Zoe gives the big guy a nod
and says “Thanks Bro!”
he gives her a brotherly
smile as Lace stops and
makes a last ditch pitch
by saying to the big guy
“if you ever dump
that bronze Goddess
over there, look me up
name’s Lace” he smiles
and shakes his head
as he goes in
the bathroom,
and written in
cheap lipstick
on the mirror
was a big heart
with the words
“Zoe and Lace
were here”
written in the center…
     Tom Allen…06-10-2018…