Walkin on Air

Graveyard Ghost

Softly groaning as bended bones
made her shuffle absurdly ahead,
ancient mother, tears dousing her cheeks,
embroiled in countless voids of late clones
never looked back on the downfallen dead,
as she toiled to climb life's endless peaks.

Timeless hourglass reflections glimpsed
moments frozen in settings of pain
and yet, strength therefrom was on offer,
while faith prodded her spirit rinsed
heart to assuage hope's abstract gain
salvation had to humbly proffer.

Should you take a closer look at night,
her silhouette might make you affright
slinking about the graveyard plots
to the tunes of whistling winds' whatnots:
remember whose mother she could've been
and tell it to others who've never seen!

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Graveyard Ghost

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