Walkin on Air

Phantom Lover

Who told you so?
Is it make believe
or something you know?

Anyhow, never mind,
maybe it's time to be kind.

Her aura-borealis reflection:
changing moods weave suspense,
and why not?

Who said there has to be symmetry?
Why should reason be mandatory?
When is enough enough?

Remember Twiggy,
perhaps Miss Piggy?
Where is connection
to beautiful reflection?

Some find
Mr. n Mrs. Genital
others consider them precocious!

Truth is:
they are simply ferocious
like blood-sucking Capadocious
with no couth
to hide such youth
embalmed with testosterone,
melatonin soaked hormone
and just a pinch of salt!

Fluffy dreams,
sensationally waft
along corridors
with fear befraught,
lead to Shadowlands,
whence none return
but for ashes in an urn!

Alas! How beauty
turns to tales of Ashur
with no certain allure
except legacy of Trolls
blended with the infamous
Harbingers of Skulls!

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Phantom Lover

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