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Healer Must Heal

In an isolated corner of the world was a peaceful village untouched by time
Clothing was washed by the riverbed, water was drawn from the central village well
In the past, for many centuries their food was grown and hunted 
Their huts were made of dried mud and sun-baked grass, oddly as it may seem these
structures were built to last 

There was a young family that cared for the injured and the ill they were known as healers
They were treated in high regard 
Their young daughter and son learned from their parents
The skill and art of their trade, many years spoke of the lives they saved
One day the father just collapsed within moments he was sent to an untimely grave

His wife had never seen anyone go so sudden until that day, how fast life could be taken away
She had not a chance to say goodbye, to this very day she did not know how her true love died
Her tears were many, her grief ran deep, he lived only in the dreams of her sleep
This was all that her aching heart could manage to keep

Lady Healer,  daughter and son was her healing apprentices they were by her side the grief was 
Another companion she could not hide, she took all she could in her stride, now she must heal her 
Own heart, a healing touch for others still showed her best part   Now her healing began to start,
Her children grew to be caring and kind, within their efforts, she restored her own healing of another kind 

The care was a natural quality that left a united mind, heart, and soul,  the person would become whole 
What the Lady Healer passed to her son and her daughter would reflect wholesomely clean, a tool that was 
Unspoken, unheard, and unseen  There grew compassion, trust, and faith in each caring moment night or 
day, the mending, the return of health, was the true wealth that came their way  

Lady Healer watched her apprentices become the best that they could be, with honor integrity so plain to see
Her grief did not go away it was with her night or each day,  a reminder that her true love watched from above 
She held his memory in sight and spoke with him in dreams of the night Her grief did become less demanding
When she reached an understanding  They would join again when her duty on earth would end she would 
Become his everlasting friend, her earthly walk was transient labors of life with her love for him, 
it would one day transcend.

( A Healer must heal, yet, the healer's grief does not end, for grief is formed from love, with the belief love
Will someday, transcend.)

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Healer Must Heal