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Zodiac  Chaos

Celestial shimmer softly calling in the whisper of Stardust
Cosmic trail and solar flare come knocking at the zodiac door
No common flame to shoulder fame a meteor so untamed
The scales of Libra balance until Taurus outruns the Twins 
Gemini will not win the darkness dwells within
Pisces vessel capsizes and drinks the sea of stars to dance in distant far 
Neptune protest in tempest flares
Do we see the energy of the earth seas and sky or is it a mere twinkle
Of Gods attentive eye
Perhaps the playful Angels protest when Leo leaps abounding over pitchers 
Still waters in Aquarius pitcher seeps
Virgo will wash away all stains with diamond tears this fair maiden weeps
A universal timely keep
Heavenly archers Sagittarius becomes subject to Scorpions venomous sting 
Capricorn of seas and placid lakes speaks wisdom and cools all
With Aries Golden fleece healing all wounds
Cancer still searches for Heracles long after Hydra's battle has ceased
Such chaos is a dream as celestial powers stream the cosmos now echoes
In slumbered screams 

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Zodiac Chaos