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        Chapter Six
     “House Party
    Past the Middle”
All three girls
head over to
the keg
with no one
manning it
Zoe and Lace
fill up their
plastic cups
take some quick
drinks from them
and then
fill them back
up to the brim
Cathy only fills
her cup up
half way
not planning on
drinking any
of it anyways,
the girls scout
about the party
wanting to make
sure they got
at least a look
at all the cute
roaming around
the party,
they liked to
rank their looks
as they went
Zoe and Lace
are getting
a bit loud
with their
personal reviews
of the guys
they were coming
all that they
both have had
to drink
has wiped out
most of their
along with all
their normal
of public
they were probably
being a little
to harsh on
some of the
they were giving
the lower rankings
walking up
to them
and then taking
a quick selfie
with them
before going on
to explain
why they had
earned such a
low ranking
and that they
were going
into the party’s
“Hall of Shame”,
one girl would
start out
with her observations
as the other one
quickly jumped in
each girl feeding
off of the other
and piling their
comments on top
of the poor
the girls weren’t
really meaning to
be rude
or hurt their
they were just
and having fun
most of the guys
didn’t really even
and a few
even liked getting
the attention
of two Hot girls
for whatever reason,
Cathy followed
behind them
smoothing out any
tainted egos
or bruised hearts
but most of
the guys
just laughed
it off,
and they did
of course
come across
some eight’s and nines
on their scale
of 1 to 10,
and were just
as quick
to point out
their attributes
and give them
a break down
as to why
they got such
high scores,
though at times
some of the
found their very
to the point
some what
and then taking
of themselves
with the guys
at the party
that they called
the “Hall of Famers”
whose pictures
would soon be
texted around
to all their
as a way of
about all the
Hot boys
they met at
the party
with a photo
for verification,
all of this
will be
easily forgotten
by the girls
when they wake up
but Cathy
will get a little
for cleaning up
their messes tonight
by making sure
to remind the
girls about
everything they did
the next day
maybe waking Zoe
from one of her
mid-day naps
in her dad’s car
with some descriptive
along with some
of the pictures
that she had
also taken
of their lower
during the night
just in case
their memory
isn’t quite what
it should be
the girls start to
quiet down
as they start to
of the game
Lace wants to
go find this
one guy
she gave a
of eight too,
and tell him
she reevaluated
her numbers
and because of
his perfect
blue eyes
she is moving
to a nine,
Cathy quickly reminds
that he had
a girlfriend
with him here
and that maybe
should wait with
the ranking update
for some other
Lace just waves
her off
and starts out
on her search
for the guy
as she puts it
“with the bluest eyes
she had ever seen”
Zoe had spilled
her beer
and was going
to head back
to the tap
and get a refill
“my walk is just
way off balance,
without a full cup
of beer
in my right hand”
Zoe said
before heading off
to the backyard
were the tap is,
Cathy decided
she was going
to go and find
her work friends
and say goodbye
starting to think
their time at
this party
was nearing its
having not had
a drink in hours
had no problem
finding her friends
with that same
group of boys
still trying to
get noticed
feeling a jump
in their odds
as they see
Cathy walk up,
Zoe who made
her way
to the tap ok
was feeling more
of the effects
of all her combined
catching up to
and after filling up
her red plastic
Solo cup
she sat down
on a chair
in an empty part
of the backyard
and Lace had taken
a wrong turn
and ended up
on the front lawn
and was having
a hard time
getting back
inside the party
Lace was arguing
with the guy
at the door
who didn’t want
to let her in
it was obvious
to him
that she was
and he could
she was trouble
that was just
looking for a place
to happen,
Lace had tried
to just walk
past him
on her first
to get in the
but it wasn’t
the same guy
from when she
first got in
and she had
lost her
plastic cup
so this guy thought
she was just
trying to
sneak in for
but after stopping
he didn’t care
if she had
the five bucks
or not
he wasn’t going
to let her in,
being unable to
just rush past
the guy
Lace went straight
to her bag
of tricks
and resorted to
trying to flirt
her way
past the guy
she knew just
what to say
and how to
pair it with just
the right amount
of physical contact
she was not
only sure she’d
get in
but that he
would throw in
another red plastic
Solo cup also,
but when she took
a step towards
wanting to come in
close for the kill
with her best
Bambi look
on her face
and one of her
more seductive lines
falling from her
with her hand
lightly touching
his hand,
she was more
than a little
when he shut
her down cold
“look, I give you
an A for effort,
and had this been
a month ago,
I have no doubt
it would have
got you in and
a free cup,
but your pretty
and that
pissed off
short brunette
over there
is my girlfriend
and if I let you
in now
after that
come on move
of yours
I’ll never hear
the end of It”
“Don’t Any of You Guys,
Come to these Parties Alone?”
shouted Lace
as she began her
rant on guys
that went to
with a girlfriend,
till she saw Cathy
and screamed her
Cathy turned around
and saw Lace
standing there
with a look on
her face
that reminded her
of a little girl
that was in
a time out
luckily one of
Cathy’s friends
knew the guy
at the door
and said they
keep an eye
on her,
the guy at the
let her in
but told Cathy’s
that she was making
a mistake,
Lace walked inside
in a very
defiant way
and as she
walked by
the pissed off
short brunette
she couldn’t
help herself
and said
“you might want to
keep an eye
on that guy
I think he
likes me”
giving her a
wicked smile,
Lace walks up
to Cathy
and her friends
and thanks the
that got her in
but before Lace
can even get
the names of
Cathy’s friends
she sees the guy
with the blue eyes
without his girlfriend
in tow
and bolts from
the group,
Cathy just nods
and says
“I better go find Zoe
this may not
turn out well”
Cathy with a
“this is nothing new”
look on her face
as her friend
is thinking,
she should have
to the guy
at the door…
     Tom Allen…06-17-2018…