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From The Point Of A Star

he didn't sleep for his
final 60 days
spent the entire time in a half-life haze
he was a star who was about to go for
super nova

yet He never had a clue
how soon it would be
all over

the happy plans for a new, better life
now a stick man moon-tap-dancing
exit stage right
into the arms of partner death

they said
you could see his wildly beating heart
in the middle of his bony chest

life lived for the Man in the Mirror
little still reflected
but how
He hoped for the best
yet it would never come

Lord, Lord
He was our Dreamer
a Sparkling Diamond
with a hopeful heart
and brightly-lit eyes
His words our anthems
His rhythms altered our lives

we flocked to Him like He was Our Good Shepherd
leading to a better way
and a higher High on High

when we saw Him
when we heard Him sing
we heard Heaven
from the point of a Star

I wanted to be a star once
but it never quite happened
perhaps I changed my mind
when I think of Him
I'm mostly greatly saddened
and endlessly quiet within myself
I try to imagine what it would be like
to live without Stars

I've watched meteor showers
and though they provided a lovely
fireworks sort of view
I shunned the inner truth of how
giant stars die too

and when they do
they fall
there's no soft landing
the sky's forever altered
darker somehow and colorless
the light extinguished

the world grows hushed
the birds forget to sing
the trees droop and leaves fall
until all of it tumbles
so far away...
gone to a place

the world goes on
the music seems a dulled
tuneless song
and endless bargaining

like so many others
I felt He was one
of us
our own
even though He grew to outgrow
the sum of us
it must be a very lonely place
success is not success
if you do not feel within
that you did succeed
success for its own sake
is just another
endless open-ended want and need

like to think
when I look up into the blink
of night
that one among the lantern lights
is He
and He's finally found
His piece of peace.

legal copyright for this heart-poem
and also for this author/poet/writer
Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

Written directly to the page, as felt,
from a perspective of belated grief
and newly discovered fact/knowledge.
For MJ, with admiration, empathy and love.
July 9 2018/12:54PM PST.

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