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Lifted From Anguish

To be forgotten, to be shunned, to be broken and unable to run
To hold unbearable weight, to buckle under an unfortunate fate.
So you say, this is the tribulations of the times, the unwavering line that
holds no shine. 
She recalls better days, sunlight, and gentle cares, the soft kitten's fur, 
A sea that sparkled like jewels, fields of wildflowers, and the purity
of spring showers.
There was a softness in her smile that vanished in the winds. Now appears
a flame, a fire that rages on, an inferno that consumes with fatal fumes, 
All around glares the eyes of doom. 

In the darkest sorrows, ember coals reflect no tomorrow.
Prayers are all that can escape when the shadows begin to drape.
 A pure light begins to cluster, and a loving hand lifts her from 
Despair, the hope, and promise cleans the air, behold, an answer
to her sullen prayers 

Above now from the desolate scourge and decay, the anguish stays bound
to the soil,  and all the spoils no longer can be seen, the ruin slips deep into
the ground.
She asked for Gods love, and his love was truly found.

Matthew 7: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. ( King James Version of the Bible )

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Lifted From Anguish