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Golden Shine

Stars melt away as the hour approaches the day. 
Sunrise fills the new day's sky
I welcome a fresh start when night will gently part
Light sweeps across the plain and drinks the mist
On fields of grain

I search with rested eyes to see the Falcon soar 
on high, the rhythm of their flight bids welcome
In lofty heights
Above the treetops beyond the hills lies blue waters
Silent still, a soulful comfort, that strengthens my will

So caress each moment that speaks soft light, and soar
With Falcons in their flight
Hold the air with loving care, and greet this morning with
hearts so fair
Blessed is the call of wild, that frees the inner child

Morning soon will fade but remember the serenity this 
View has made
Walk a path of unforgotten peace, when sights of the moon
and starry skies are sleeping in sun's release
Beauty knows no time when golden sun transmits its shine

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All Rights Reserved

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Golden Shine