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With the weight of the world upon his shoulders, he walks alone
He walks the stone cobbled streets beneath the lamps haloed
Mentored learning was his beginning
He walks unheralded and conspicuously aloof 
Hereto he searched the undaunted truth 
Turned down his collar rolled up his sleeves
Strolled around kicking the leaves
Down near the grocer's store was the scene 
Where he lost his heart, Adeline
Whereto the lot around the corner lies  
Chiseled visions adhere to his mind's eye 
Sirens and the medics searing his mind, cannot flee this day
The blood, the tourniquet, the needle hanging from the vein; lives disarray 
She was just barely seventeen, the world beckoning
No time now would be her time for a reckoning
White Horse lost another rider 
The Drug Lord lost another to the reaper 
Etched deep within his soul, she becomes his permanent griever
His tormenting visions will always see her
Demons dwell,  acts burn severe taunting  
Visions of hell on earth an embedded haunting 
Unbinds time, his minds heart filled lives lies  
This horrid crime repetitiously surmounts
As its declared, tantamount
Adeline was his daughter

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