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Sea Imprisonment 

Noonday brings unwanted tears
A time that traps with unwelcomed fears
Sweeping tide, relentless wind forcefully appears

No means to stop natures fury as life quickly scurries
Wind and angry seas releases unpleasantries
When noondays blind the eyes to see

The storm will take both meek and brave, 
Leaving not one precious life to save
Now captured in salty water's grave
A plea to set their essence free

Long after the storm is gone in water's depths
Reflects the essence shimmering light
The realm that those spirits drift upon
The Rhapsody sang in an Angels song 

Release those imprisoned spirit's flair
In the crispy calming air 
When beauty waits in sunsets or hails the sailors 
In crimson dawn

Sea imprisonment will free the spirit's cry
and give them wings to drift on high
Sadden family who lost their blood 
Weep the tears that coldly flood

Yet, their loved ones will know when their 
Freedom once again will flow
The cruel preposterous tomb will pass
When choppy waters turn to glass

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Sea Imprisonment