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It sneaks up on you in an instance dismay 
Before you can turn to look the other way 
It is as it is,  surely I surely can say 
What you feel when you've made it to this age 

Aches and pains the day away from such as today
Weather detectors forecasts have nothing on you 
The knees ache awry before a rainy day
Two days in advance you already knew 

Back pain and spasms always get old 
Worsens when exposed to the raging cold 

Even gravity makes its impact 
Better watch what I say to a sound tact

Cold butt, cold feet, cold hands, false teeth 
Nothing to do but turn up the heat 
Snowy days come to an end,
Hip hip hooray and now you can bend

Everything hangs so much lower
The older we get we move much slower
The "waning years," say some
I say there only bothersome

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