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Loves Sweet Song


Staring into my space of life, I feel an instant
breeze blowing so soft across my brow
silhouettes dancing on the wall, how close
they dance, tangled into one shadow before
me, how sweet love can be..

Listen to the wind, it sings sweet songs
controlling emotions of captured tenderness
craving whispers, in the silence of the night..

Hear the sounds, they touch down with love
speaking softly to come dance with the melody
of loves sweet song, reaching up, so high, never
shall the sound of loves sweet song appear in
minds of free hearts, joining together in another
place and time..

Heavens door opened wider, love enters, forgot
to return to the one who sang loves sweet songs
so when you sing your songs, don't dream to deep
you may just wonder to far to return...

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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