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A Small Thing

It was such a small thing that drifted in a newborn's sigh 
A very small thread that caught the needle's eye
It sowed fields of corn  a moments harvest stands untorn
Did you see the fields of rye looking as you passed by

A hunger speaks to the world a thirst is all around
The life that holds the power of fertile ground
A silver light lifts to a rumbling sound
Rain of Tears fall by the pound

Lightning thunder fill the scene to make the grasslands green
A dabble of ancient babble intice the yielding land
While hopes and light offers a helpful hand
Deeds of blight will not stand

Yes it was a small thing indeed when the needle sowed the seed 
Now stands the seamstress to clean the fields of tarnish greed
So shine on the shoulders of justice and repair
Breathe the quality of untainted air, find the bounty of life everywhere 
Shake the hand of care a small thing grows beyond compare 

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A Small Thing