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The Grande Lair

A shimmering red light shone off the horizon one day in May
My head had the consistency of an anvil ringing away 
My sight was unclear trying to focus through the mist spray 
The singing of the anvil shoeing my stallions way

While the fading light darkened from the outgoing day, 
The knights and I bedded our horses, hobbled them, fed and watered them,
Making them ready for the morning's activities assuring the stamina needed
For the long hunt of the day 
With the crow of the rooster and the dawn of the day we arose quickly moving ahead 
For the red that shone the path to our Kingdom's dread 

Several homes burned, crops eaten, and many a serf serving the fields fair 
Lords and the Manor which provide food, protection, and shelter in this time of despair
Calling upon the Realm of the Knights to fight these Beasties of land and air
For these Beasts surely are in the realm that evil keeps which knows no care

Nearing the horizon's shimmer we've come upon the Beasties Grande Lair
A crevasse in the side of the mountain from a pyre and molten flare 
Flowing eons of time's creation kept in waiting for the Dragon's care 
Decorated with the trophies and corpses of our Fair Maiden's Shares

For their dancing hold Dragons mesmerized in a sleepful state and glare
Those that danced before them gave into the gaze of the Dragon's evilest of stares 
Enslaving the dutiful Fair Maidens in waiting to serve them into long days of care
Knowing in their meekest state could petrify them if they dared! 

Alas, the maidens knew they had to stop the Dragon's glare 
Thus, the maiden's Knights came in with their shields all agleam   
Reflecting the Dragon's evilest,  preventing the glaring stream 
The Knights illuminate the Dragons with their evilest of stares
The Dragon's have struck their own demise, now standing thoroughly petrified,
All alone with the King's dream.

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The Grande Lair (Original)