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Doctor-Patient relationships formational bond 
Writer-Poet interests dawn

Honeymoon among the bonding dawning unmarred
Mutual respect goes uncharred 

Examination, diagnosis, prognosis, was given  
The Doctors on target, he's in
Medicine is Archaic Mozaic, an art 
In the beginning, the start

Giving reading signature of a book
Can you see where this is going, dare take a look? 

Literal demeans of the writer by the rook
Absconding words of creation from the creators' book

Appropriations of phrases and places written under the protection    

Cannot be cribbed by a cribber's direction 
A thin line varies between infringement and lawful rights 
Paraphrasing is one but please get it in a write 

Please use your own words to restate what is in mind 
Interpret rewrite to express thoughts you may find
Thought expressed by and created are yours to be used
As long you rewrite the words perused

A fond expression you have found borrowing can be the grounds 
For a charge hereto disparaging thus hereto harrowing
A career, an enjoyment, college suspension all at the end 
Because you borrowed the words of Colleagues and Friends  

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Malpractice (Original)