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Epic Gleam

Somewhere there stands the open arms of love 
Someone runs to the sweet embrace
Soft silk and satin gowns waltz in the night 
Silver moon glow brings life its treasured face
A heart of hope glows side by side with lovers pride
In the distance, a single feather falls from high, and 
Brings the song of elation's sighs

Sorrow sinks and runs away to sleep in sunless days
The single feather is in my keeping to become my quill
A word or two will ease the blue unaware of silence steeping
Golden rings of wisdom halo drifting dreams.
Satin sweeps across the floor to open Heavens door
A Prince of light has prepared a place, in warm and blessed grace
I hold the face of life and bid farewell to earthly strife

Are Angels aware of the peace I find today, has the soul taken flight
Has liberation found the way?
It is not for me to say. A part of the eternal peace has surely found the way.
So Waltz on, hold stars and moonlight's beams.
May the peace of Heaven bless your restless dreams
May the light of Heaven continue to gently stream
Life is something more than what it seems, it holds the warmth of epic gleam

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Epic Gleam