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Wouldn't it?

War is fought by the young,
A carnage of our youth,
Lives thrown away for
A Politician's form of truth.
Would it be so glorified
And so many tales told,
Would they be so vicious if
It were fought by the old,
Generalled by the Politicians
Who declared those wars,
Made to lead from the front
And fight their own cause?

Would they still bomb and kill
Long distance from the air
If they themselves
Were made to be there,
On a front line supporting
Their own militant stance?
Would wars be so vicious
If there was a great chance
Some of those many lives lost
Could be their very own
If they were made to prove
They had the backbone?
Would they be so quick
To stand and declare
A state of war or would
They take a little more care?
Would they approach a crisis
With a little more good will
If they themselves had
To go and fight and kill.
Wars are declared by old men
So, it really does seem right
They should be the ones
To fight their own fight.

Would it leave the young  
To develop and grow?
Wouldn't it make more sense
To make the old men go?.
Maybe the young would learn
To peacefully carry on,
Live in harmony once the old
Militants are dead and gone.
Maybe war should be fought
By those very near their last
Then perhaps wars could be just
Memory from our barbaric past.

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