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Grieve for loss in moments fleeting

Lest you miss life's new greeting

The loss of something sad indeed

Yet to covet leads to greed

So wallow not in your despair

Look instead for new hope there

Now wipe away the tears that sadden

Hold dear to times that did gladden

There is a lesson to be learned

Never hold so tight that you'll be burned

Candles light piercing dark so bold

A flame to cherish but never hold

Grieve for now but see the light

That your loss has given you might

A stony path that lead the way

From thence and now unto today

Grieve and then exult anew

Hallelujah your spirit grew

Grieve for now and let it be done

A time has passed and you have won

There's so much more for you to do

Step by step will see you through

The grief you felt just yesterday

With each sun rise will fade away


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