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Eternal Space

In the stillness of the night, a gentle breeze whispers serenity of the sleeping sun 
The quick moments have surrendered to the lunar glow, Venus looks from high 
A piece of silver stardust streams in silent screams and lace the cosmos in lucid dreams 
A hesitation of all creation will set the boundaries of mortal limitations for the eon's duration

Yet, another galaxy looks to meet a civilization of mind, heart, and soul surpassing a merit goal 
Lasting the hollow space spinning without a trace, 
A supernova now fills the far end of space transmitting a blinding light swallowing day and night 
One says a mere wave of the Maker's hand omitting ripples in the sands of time omits a final line 

Time and space has etched the outline of the explosive space exposing God's creative face 
Holy Wings of Angels now drifts in grace traveling to the outer reaches of eternal space 

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Eternal Space