Tones Of Truth

The tones of Truth. Its depth reaches
my very core. The only true way to
wisdom and knowledge is to feel.

Every repeated mistake has another
lost piece needing to be found. You
will know by an inner crying sound.

What has the past got to do with the
present? Believing by now our life's
experiences should be heaven sent.

Each failure, each fall, each broken
dream and countless times to our
hearts. When our paths feel so dark.

In the dark so unprepared, unknowing
and unaware. Struggling with emotions
We fear and turn back running scared.

When will all the suffering disappear?
have our hearts desire fulfilled.Is
this life,the one so difficult to bare?

There is a message in our despair,the
Divine Mother needs us to hear. The
Emotional Body of God the one we fear

All of humanity's struggle is the result
of the split between Spirit and Will the
very one we are being asked to help heal.

The way is to allow oneself to feel the
parts we've rejected, yet still exist in
a place we have all come to know as hell.

It is in our repeated mistakes and
failures that lead us to our denial
the one that keeps them prisoner there.

To feel is to know the way to truth. Your
the one you've been waiting for, As Host for
loving light to help heal our inner plight.

Leading us there by feelings tone, giving
us direction, answering our questions
As we begin to allow our hearts to grow.