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Jordan's Water

She stood just moments from the valley below
Rain and  wind  relentlessly  blows
While mutual Dawn's heart ignites flames that illusively shows
Wreaking, creeping, torrential powers flair bringing agony to deep despair

Wounds are closing when love and hope stands to expose
The clarity has slowly risen a vision that feeds the soul
The outer light directs to a profound goal
Scars of battles won and lost will stain the noble cost

Death paces in the halls of timeless deeds walk among 
The flower's stems and seeds where misty dew and droplets heed
The lifted sight has instilled might in the murky waters and silent reeds
To view the power of natural earth and grow wisdom mistic minds only know

Lift the weight that holds the value of life under  Surging pulse sounds like thunder
Strong compassion fills the veins baptized in Jordan's waters as rains the sin washed away
The purity of life opens full-presentation in the gifted love of salvation lives that day
Calming the whips of time the pain is gone the sacrifice of love rises as the Dove


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Jordan`s Water (Original)