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Blood Moon

The night was haunted by the blood moon
A shrieking owl, a howling wolf, is creeping the shadow's loom 
Forest creatures fill the night with primal
Screams in blood-glowed sight 

 At last, my eyes closed for sleep, my mind 
Reviews the birds of prey uniting at the close of day
A dream of the nocturnal beast busy feeding on their feast
Ingesting morsels in the summer's heat 
A long cry of wild hearts cease to beat a tapestry of wild defeat

This is the place that sparks the soul
when burden weight takes a toll 
In life or dreams ease the chaos of the day 
Lunar passing is on display

Blood Moon increase its glow before midnight shows
The wild will fill the darkest hour to greet the sun
when light and warmth will gently shower. 
Come, witness natures mystical power.

Shine on Crimson moon,  you'll leave this night
in moments soon
Casting out the wave of doom when the dawn lights 
will cast out intrusive gloom 

The light will bring pale grey skies
when stars and moon close their eyes
The Crimson moon will pass on by 
and leave the sunlight to bid farewell
When the full eclipse cast its spell

Crimson Moon cast your shine  
July 27th, 2018 the blood moon eclipse longest time
In the 21st century.

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Blood Moon