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 You and I are not strangers. words written, I have also been and seems there is no way to break free from the despair that clutches the heart. To look at the past now brings only regret, unaware at the time the choices made would later
bring such outcomes.
 The ones now haunting and lived with. Feeling deserving of happiness is quite seldom, Is this the total sum of what life has become? We are in life's same dance, when there is nowhere to go, finding oneself completely and utterly alone, while no one knows or
too self-absorbed to care.
Perhaps this is what leads us here. Yes, I see clearly the grace being given, the opportunity to share the light as well as when darkness flares. Thus, I reach out to you and to the parts suffering, feeling such depth on many levels. Some so desperate and suffocating with an underlying fear it's run by the devil,
Inside it feels we are surely in hell. The fragmented essence of self  torn apart, creating a gap filled with misunderstanding and self-doubt.  We may even contemplate someone cast upon us a dark spell.  Feel Victimized and made to experience a life filled with remorse for
ever having been born
Suicide can appear a good option, No more thoughts or feelings, no more tears. Believing life would be better without our miserable fears. Yet there are a few things that need to be considered concerning life and the countless plights.  Maybe what I am about to share
will shed some light.
Have you ever wondered why it seems your the only one feeling emotions with such magnitude?  Stripped down and unprotected before all and God nude. We or others Judge against us, disregarded belittled and used? Regardless of loving deeds, life events and circumstance bring you to your knees?
Feel like a failure no matter how hard you try and after so many times want to give up and die? That the love you hold within to give, meets rejection and now sits rotting inside. The reflections surrounding you only reinforce your not wanted around and find being alone
hurts less at best?
Then I welcome you with open arms and present a path that will bring us no harm. No laws to be governed by and no need to be alarmed.  Isn't a religion, nothing to do with science.  What it does seek is our alliance. Offering a hand and way to approaching with a little
loving light coaching.
 Helping to eliminate what has felt doubtable and in many ways insurmountable. In reality there is a divine reason for the apparent extreme and deep grief. for truly how could one feel to such a degree no one else see's feels or believes?  You my friend have tapped into the
other half of creation!
If you will, the Emotional Body Of God in her suffering is what you feel. All the denial, judgments, rejection, guilt and shame. These are the denied emotions that are hidden deep and all contain. Not having the right tools and understanding more often than not we
become Denials fool.
It is She who is deep within you, me and all living things. Without her life could not exist. We are not taught of her, no, we are taught denial instead. Yet to know denial is to know darkness and self-hatred.  Denial is un life, it is opposite of all that is and always will be, it does not vibrate and hates what does.  It is denial that holds us captive and it is up to us to become emotionally active.
The suffering cannot cease until our denial and judgments are released. One by one is the way it can be done. A judgment in the form of Thoughts will arise, you’ll know when their present by how bad you start to feel inside. Unfortunately, as hard as we run from them,
we can never hide.
Our dilemma… what to do with the death grip around our hearts especially when denial and judgment start.  First we need to realize the heart is the center and host for loving light when welcomed, can bring the only medicine to cure what is taught as our original shared sin, which is Denial..

By understanding what is operating in the dark you will be able to see the person on the operating table is you.  And it is in finding acceptance for emotions just as they are, without judgment and it’s offspring Guilt having kept you separated and apart, you will become what you deep down already knew….Love manifest

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