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Hold Dear

Morning fills the air in peace, the rain has finally ceased
Soft land produce its fruit, in trees and draping vines 
We toast to sweet summers wine
The fruit of life poured in my glass, flows now to quickly pass

In days of playful bliss you held me close to taste my kiss
Soft light encircles in our embrace wild roses fill my vase
Flowers from this very place, relases tention from our face
Yes, morning races past the dew and dances on golden hue

A part of me wanders near to touch the hope God brings here
Love still grows throughout the years defined in laughter, and freed in tears
So spend the day with me, in shade of the mighty old oak tree.
To take the sun at its best and bring our burdens to soulful rest

God Bless these moments we witness by one anothers side
To see reflections of heart's regal pride
The warmth of love gathers far and near to shine its light
When we walk here to see this place with the one I hold dear

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Hold Dear