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 His Prey

He hears desert wolves howl.  Alone, praying, he stalks his Prey throughout 
For forty days he hungered licking only dew from the plants for thirst  
His suffrages were many denying pleasures instead of the torment endured 
He is the end and the new beginning 

He gets closer to His Prey the temptations are greatest, yet; he endures
The endurance promises His flock is spared from that same evil Prey 
He comes close to the howling high upon a precipice He starts the ascent
Knowing the worthiness upon which his Father had sent 

Reaching the cave upon the precipice, the Sheperd locates his Flock
His Lambs are scattering through the valley beneath as he wretched in the den 
Sights of Lambs at the slaughter, blood flowing, he hollered within the sin 
How is My Flock to the slaughter mine mind no more withstands grim

I now know not to hear to lies you spread about, the time dost cometh to cast thee out
Knoweth now never to you will I falleth, nor believe in that you sayeth; I shan't, I do cast thee out  

My Father dost maketh me strong, giveth me love and showeth me my path I do follow 
Noweth through His almighty strength dost thou be cast out from within my soul, His love, and word be-eth forever 

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His Prey (Original)