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Quality to Be

So sad and weak yet I continue to seek for comfort and peace
The heart and mind will search and find the lasting peace of a golden kind.
Each mile traveled in my journey holds danger and demands, but the 
Will of determination continue to stand. 

So simple but hard to understand, I can not divide the soul from the heart and mind.
There is depth in the shallow of life the sorrows, joys, and strife.
To have and to hold the values in life.

The depth will become deeper when knowingly we near the Reaper
Some will know, others will not but the book of life is what was sought
Deeds and chance will cast a glance to the example we taught

So onward with caution and need avoiding the toil of greed
To hold and plant the sharing and caring when a friends life is tearing
We can be more than just what the eyes can see,  we can be the
Child of love that God knows us to be,  with a quality that will set us free.

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Quality To Be