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Tuesday Blue

Tuesday Blue, a cold girl, sad and with few

Friends, but why this should be so no one knew ...

Tuesday Blue knew, for she was the victim of ‘the

Silent treatment’, awkward moments in class and

Elsewhere, often the butt of jokes, often overlooked

Often ill-treated and more often than not abused



When you don’t fit in the world soon turns

Against you, finding mountains of meaningless

Reasons for rejection and one must say, enjoying

Every turn of the screw, every spiteful moment

Conjured up by people who could and should have

Come to her aid but preferred the company of



Standing naked in a cold bathroom she looked

Upon her body with disgust. She hated her breasts

Bigger than the other girls at school and always

The target of attack. Tuesday knew she was pretty

But that was no defence against a tirade of dislike

Words cast directly into her face or stage whispered

From a convenient distance


Tuesday Blue stood out from the crowd and the

Crowd didn’t like it one bit. From a very early

Age she’d become the target of boys, many older

than herself, and now at thirteen she couldn’t get

From morning assembly to class without being

Jump on from behind when grubby hands found

Delight in plunging their way down here blouse

No one in authority saw anything and if brought

To their attention Tuesday usually got the blame

For ‘Attracting that kind of thing’


Young and vulnerable with nowhere to turn. In

Desperation she once approached a headmaster

But that ended in her being invited to sit on a

Knee that should have known better but didn’t

Being taken advantage of was rapidly becoming

The norm for Tuesday Blue when on that occasion

A somewhat more refined hand sought to travel

Up rather than down her school blouse


As so often happens parents and children fail

To talk, fail to take meals together, fail to

Confide in each other. When trust fails all fails

And now Tuesday found it impossible to talk

Freely and frankly to the two people she should

Have trusted the most, mum and dad. And therein

Lies the tale, poor communication, severed lines

That nobody thought to fix or thought in need

Of fixing and thus here was a child growing up

And learning about the world in total and

Desperate isolation


Oh yes, Tuesday had a mobile phone but she

Hardly ever turned it on given the abuse and

Hateful messages it spewed out in her direction

Tuesday was under constant attack, but had she

Been old enough and worldly wise enough she

Might have seen it all for what it was, weak

Kids, children, threatened by anything they

Didn’t understand. Threatened by her beauty

Her talent in class and a grace of being of

Which they would never beat or for that

Matter equal


I would like to say that this sad affair had

A happy ending but that is not the way of the

Real world. Tuesday ended up lonely and childless

The abuse suffered during school years leading

Directly to future complications. Relationships

That didn’t survive, babies that didn’t survive

Still births and miscarriages waited patiently in

The wings for Tuesday Blue who in the end came

To recognised how apt her choice of nickname, sure

That what happened to her, could never have

Happened to a once happy little girl called

Holly Ross

© Joseph G Dawson

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