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If I could I would drive off into the world to find you all over again.
If I could walk away before the pain consumes me and the scars crawl up and down my body, I would.
If I could slowly drift away to a place where I could see the smile on your face every second of the day... I would enjoy it forever.
If I could take away your sorrow and your pain, I would do my best to get rid of it forever.
I-if... If I could make you mine forever I would... I would take your hand, kiss it gently, and slide a ring on your finger in the blink of an eye. Just to ask, "Will you marry me?" again and again.
Every second of you smiling makes me smile, not because I see you happy... Well yeah, its because you have the greatest smile ive ever seen in my life.
People say heaven will be great as though they are ready to die, but being with you feels like heaven to me.
Falling for you was one of the smartest things I have ever done in my life, and if I ever got a chance to redo anything with you I would hold your hand and tell you I love you again and again.
When I hugged you people told me it wouldnt happen. I looked at them with a smile on my face and said, "Im gonna marry that girl." Ten years later I look into your eyes and hold our child and remember one thing from our past and that one thing is...
When we first kissed, I saw our future. You and me holding hands walking on the beach, or at the park no matter what I saw I was glad I made you mine.

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