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Destiny Calls  Part 2

Destiny could barely move, she stood near the water's edge and searched around,
In the distance, she heard a rumbling sound she saw fragments of the ship and
a few of the crewmen she did not see any signs of other people on the land.
She checked on the crewmen, all four were alive battered and worn their will so torn.
Destiny helped Patrick to his feet he was the first of the men to stand he was also
The Captain's first hand.

William was heading towards Dalton and Vincent when Patrick and Destiny came along. 
Very soon they all stood by each others side in agony but to survive they must stay strong. 
So there must be a place to give shelter and a fire to ward off the wild but water must be found 
So they all searched beyond the sand in the high grassland. 

They found a wild boar by a clearing drinking from a stream, his massive tusk was veering
He moved in their direction, Patrick picked-up a stone for protection he flung the stone,  
boring right between the eyes, it dropped in its tracks.  Patrick gave a word of caution as he approached 
The animal lay dead. 

Stroke of luck with skill the five would have water and cook their kill. The fires reached high 
Helping as a beacon for nearby ships and a pit for their dinner, something that helped Patrick feel like a winner.
Under the circumstances, it was well received all five were relieved 
They took watches to keep the fires stoked.  Destiny had first watch. 
Earlier that day she heard the rumbling again in the distance, it grew louder and more persistent.  
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Destiny Calls Part 2