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Destiny Calls Part 3

Patrick walks closer to the fire it was his turn to keep watch
Destiny walks away to sleep under a coconut tree.
Destiny was exhausted she tossed and turned restlessly
Patrick added wood to the fire when the ground began to shake
The trees rained coconuts and Destiny moved just in time, when 
The earth looked like it would break.
The tree Destiny was under pulled up and out of the ground
There was a rumbling all around. 

Suddenly a silence and stillness swept  across the shoreline 
Destiny turns and calls for William and Patrick a crowd of islanders appears 
Out of the darkness headdress chains of bones around their necks 
Dried grass skirts and wildcat hides draped across the shoulders
Coconuts were dropping like boulders.

The Islanders drug Destiny and her friends to the water and threw them in a canoe.
Down a narrow stream, the Islanders let out a scream, the first sun glow of morning
Started to show, a Temple of gold stood on a hill onward they go
What is in store for Destiny and her friends?

An old friend awaits at the temple doors, an unexpected face is seen once more
More to follow in part 4.  


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Destiny Calls Part 3