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Just a Thought, What May be Possible


Somewhere! their is someone searching
blindly, trying to figure what went
wrong, that makes no sense, in their
life as time ticks by without any logic
reason what so ever.

Life is so untouched, it goes by, before our
eyes..If we never had a mind, it would never
be different, seasons would go by, life would
be exactly like day is from night..No complications
to cause unnecessary heartbreak or worry.

Excepting what happens is the answer to all
questions..Life has it's up and down's, and what
happens will not make time stop, it will continue
on through any circumstance without a thought
it is man, that makes life difficult, not the world
the world is simple, it does not think what is
going to happen, it controls it's own undisturbed
realities of what is, and will go on through eternity.

It is flesh, and blood humans with free will
that causes everything to become complicated
unruly, making something happen that would never of
happened if human beings were never created with that
free will, to make life unbearable to live in peace wanting
to cause trouble and unbalanced situations.

The Universe and all the planetary system are balanced
it is man, that ruined the balance of the world
with their uncontrollable fixations of how this world
and people should live.

Everyone blaming someone, for something! Nothing
making any sense, just nature and the balance of the universe...Don't see any end to this craziness, just complications ending in destruction! caused from man, without a mind, not caring what they are doing
to the world, they are living in..

It sounds pretty much, like man kind, are not
living humans, they are weapons put here, to
watch us, destroying ourselves, like a game
for another dimensional entity doing an experiment
to see what a person with free will, actually
would do with it.

We are the one with free wills who do not know
how to use it for good, the button is right next to
us to hit destroying another experiment gone wrong.

Maybe! Without any knowledge, this world will begin
again, for a reason! that life is beautiful, nature communicates with each other, and animals show so much unconditional love..Everything in the Universe is balanced and in this world, only for human beings, they are the problem of total destruction, without any consciousness what so ever.
We are here to cause distractions of what this world
should be like, and the picture of the situation is being figured out.
We are finally beginning to awaken and find out the real reason why Human beings were created in the first place, and it will just be a short time till all truth will be shown to the real humans God created..

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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