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Loving Wisdom

I have written about life's journey as many writers have,
I may not always choose the path but I choose 
How I travel, when it storms I find shelter, when
the sun shines I hold its warmth to my heart and
It's light to my soul.

In the darkest pitch, that very light serves as a guide,
As I move forward, I have many answers only to find 
More questions, I have seen value in differences by 
Realizing the quality of what Mankind can share
In common interest. 

My Grandmother told me that love is light, and when 
Darkness appears faith becomes the light of searching souls
Having faith, holding hope, will rekindle light through the
Generations, acknowledgment of unwavering hope will
Enrich the peace as we travel to and in eternity.

Life is fragile, but also resilient it needs the echoes of the
the past to help harmonize the song and melody of today 
Creating the song of tomorrow that could lift us into the arms of compassion
In challenging times I remember her strength
Yes, I recall her message and cherish the truth of her loving 


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Loving Wisdom