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I wake up to rain pelting the hospital window and a nurse changing my
bandages, I ask for water, I'm grateful when it's given to  me, she
asks if I would like to have a light lunch, yes, I would try, thank you

Fully awake, on the third day in the Hospital, Dad and Mom try to help

me piece things together, CiCi had gotten scared when she saw that
I had left in the dark, her and the guys took flashlights to look for me

Seems they searched until their flashlights grew dim, and had to go back

Ci Ci asked the guys to leave and then called my Parents and hers, my
Folks called the police, CiCi's folks joined in the search with them

It was just about daybreak when they heard me crying, they found me huddled

next to a little raccoon, who had been caught in that trap, paramedics were
called in to get me, but I'm told I wouldn't leave until animal aide was called

CiCi and her parents came and brought me a dozen roses and a card, 
CiCI tried to
apologize and broke down in tears, I heard her Parents tell mine, that things were
going to change at their house, CiCi would never be left alone 
over night again

I know God held my hand that night, I felt it, strong and reassuring, throughout
that long dark night, and I've kept my promise to him, I don't always like it, but
I do obey my Parents, and somehow I feel safe and loved in doing so

Oh, that little raccoon found a wonderful home in a sanctuary
we go once a month. and bring her and her little friends  
her leg has healed from being in the trap, she seems quite happy

I do think she knows me, she always comes right up to me
to get her treats, she's now taking them from my hand, I'm
convinced she remembers, our long dark night together.

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