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Destiny Calls (Part 4)

The Temple grounds spiraled from the water to the top of the hill 
The gold shimmering in the light of the dawn, only seen by a few
The Islanders tied up their canoes to the docks and forced their captives 
To walk to the Temple's entrance, the walk was stressful and awkward.
The Temple appeared to be solid gold Destiny was startled with its brilliance.

As Destiny, Patrick, Vincent, William, and Dalton grew tired they began to tremble,
For every step they took the earth began to shake it was the earth that quaked.
The five captives looked at one another, the sound of a familiar rumble becomes deafening 
Vincent  fell to his knees, he could not stand, but the Islanders  had the upper hand
As they head to where Vincent lays, particles of dust and gold blind their eyes and darkness
Fills the sky

Dalton and William head to Vincent to pick him up so he can also move towards the Temple,
While Destiny and Patrick guide the blind Islanders to the Temples entrance now just a
few yards away, harder to see clearly even though they were near when much to their surprise,
Their Captain was still alive. 

Patrick ran to him to make sure Captain Ryan was real and not some hallucination in times 
Of  commotion,  but it was  the Captain tall and pale and looking frail
Captain Ryan tells Patrick to follow him through the halls of the temple, so he followed him.
Upon arrival at the tabernacle, it was covered in scrolls of maps and other documents
Scrolls of mathematical calculations.

( Conclusion in Destiny Calls  Part 5)

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Destiny Calls (Part 4)