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If I could take your pain away, I would throw it beyond the stars
If I could lift you up we would walk the dunes of Mars
If I could heal the wounds you bare and replace it with tender care
The torment would lift away the and scars would slip from dismay

 If I could heal you I'd calm the storm and keep the chill soft and warm,
I can not do anything, but I can lovingly standby you
I can listen, and I can pray, I can cherish you in darkest sullen day
When it comes it will pass and cooling waters will once again fill your glass

I will be nearby and hold hope once the storm passes by, I know there 
Is much to share, but for now, I search for care in loving prayer
and ask the Angels to comfort you, in light and take away the darkness of despair
The truth  will whisper in the air,  you have a friend who truly cares, the love of
Sweet Jesus will lift the aching heart to soft repair.
Psalm3:3 But you, Lord are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.  King James version
To my Loving Friend

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