ameriKKKan Monuments

Worldly leaders come before her down on their knees, pleading and begging please as they leave in a dibilatated state.

Her venomous love, a soul polluter, making all suitors sick and filled with "the disease".

Not trusted by you nor us, she is burning the "P" because she gives it up for free to every Geoege, Tom or Teddy.

Mounted rock hard on Rushmore like Roosevelt. Keeping it honest like Abe...

So there can be no doubt concerning the whore that I'm talking about.

From South Dakota where she victimized the Lakota traveling east across the continent

From sea to shining sea, never seeming to relent in Native population punishment.

Resting up, contemplating while recuperating on the island of Manhattan

After having a bite before settling in for the night after having robbed and cannibalized some of the Lanape

Everything just felt right. Then as the sun set and the day's light faded...

All of the denizens of this Whoredom, like nursing children, suckling infants,

Dosed off from her inebriating opiate-like puss filled, foul smelling venom.

Illicit sex, swine for food and a full day of robbery, the whore seeks to repose

After powdering her nose with methamphenamine on the not to far distand island she named Liberty.

This Babylonian whore, she did so much adore and relish the idea of Europe's trash landing on the island of Ellis.

Then celebrated the fouth of July with fire works and the ringing of bells throughout the land. The one in Philadelphia cracked.

And like the dog she is with mouth agape, tongue out and slobbering in antisipation while upon her hands and knees she awaits POTUS.

Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde,

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ameriKKKan Monuments