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Rainless Thunder

Summer dances to a soft sun and crescent moon
It speaks of seasons ending soon.  At the moment 
Life visits earth and speaks in cries of a sweets Childs birth;
Peace has touched the land a gentle warmth of Gods loving hand
The soft subtle howling of woodland hounds fills the air with its' sound.

Long Days and short nights has visit time and echoes in the 
Winds gentle chimes, the spirit of Mother earth soars agelessness, 
Oaks with summer's worth, truth fills the night in dreamers sight; 
Wood Owls now rest their flight, their blinking eyes, and hooting
Sounds, searches the limbs and roots abound.

No darkness fills this hour, the fireflies release their power, flashing;
Dashing in the trees carried by natures warming breeze,
The midnight offers ease that lay to rest the day of toil and breathes;
The richness of forest soil.
Night embraces earth and sky with shadows of the treetops high.

Freeing moments of whispering nights hold a silver shine in moons fluorescent sight.
The dance of creatures in this moments scene has dusted the woodlands clean. 
My heart beats to the sounds of summer's life a time slips away from pending strife 
The dawn will bring the gold cast rays to bring the song of the newness of each day;
Like a child of wildlife wonder, my spirit soaring plays with midnight's voice of rainless; 

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Rainless Thunder (Revised)