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Tropic Fury

When  the earth release her fury and the sky weeps in grief 
The shaken heart of the ages will find no relief
When the sun is consumed by rain and gauges waters might
The land will be battered and bruised her surface bears the sight

No stopping the cycle nature takes her course when Hurricanes
Lashout with phenomenal force, so leave the area there is no reckoning
With its source, the Pacific is specific with her line and direction,
So if you can't leave, find some miracle for protection.

Shelter on high grounds can keep some safe and sound.
Winds can carry many objects stay clear and stay inside
Hurricanes have no pride it can rip apart coastal  homes
Waters can create landslides.

The wind scatters articles high or low
 Pay heed to the warnings and find a safe place and Go, 
before the winds begin to grow.
The storm gathers strength  when tropic rain and wind of fury blow


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Tropic Fury