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A beautiful woman does it beautifully

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Well said! But what of the super-beauty

The stunner, the drop dead gorgeous, the

One who catches the eye of almost every

Male in town? Not the same kind of

Beauty at all I’d wager, and one in need

Of a far greater care and attention than

Might be assigned to shall we say, the

Ordinary beauty


The beauty I speak of is the one who keeps

Her shoes on to get undressed. The one

Who focuses on the virtue of a shapely leg

And fashions her entire life around a lust

To look good at all times. ‘She does it right

She does it best’, has been said of this woman


A woman who disrobes in high heels and

Never, ever, lets a dress simply fall to the

Floor, but with considerable feminine aplomb

Holds on to it as if parading on the catwalk

Allowing a high fashion statement to do all

The talking necessary, thus enhancing what

Is essentially a ‘Special occasion’ as the little

Black number silently slips away revealing all

A present lover could possible desire


Beauty and candlelight are made for each other

And this woman knows that; accentuating

Her flame to full effect igniting passions that

Will burn long and hard into the night. There

Can be no misunderstanding as to the choice

Of her attire, her willingness to engage, and

In particular, the lavish floor show, ‘love on

A plate,’ ‘temptation with knobs on,’ and of

Such volume, even a will of iron might struggle

To resist


Industrial beauty, calculating hussy, hard-headed

Woman or is this simply a discerning woman

Demanding the best? Determined to ring the

Most out of life and has the means of doing so

Won’t please everyone, but then who can blame

A girl for getting on?


As I wrote the image of a very ordinary beauty

Popped into my head and stayed there; not

Exactly a stunner, more a heart-stealer and more

Than anything else totally unforgettable. So much

So, she has remained in my head through the

Greater part of my life and via the offices of her

Redoubtable skill as a temptress and a flirt, I can

Confirm that a beautiful woman (and there are

Millions and millions of them to choose from)

Does it beautifully - in the eye of the beholder


She tempted him in so many ways, she knew

Well which buttons to neglect, which strings

To leave undone and how many and moreover

What perfume and of what potency best suits

The occasion and top of the list which dress

Would best tantalise his senses

© Joseph G Dawson
I pray the reader will permit me a little latitude here
for this is simply my dreaming up a catchy strapline
(a beautiful woman …) as a topic to see where it
goes, what avenues might be open, and like stars
in the sky which one shines best and of course
no surprise - they all do

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