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Spice O' Life

My muse upon I stand, beckoning lyrical words of rhyme,
Like a beacon from a lighthouse, they shine. 
Crafted in time, within my mind, to paper so sublime
Feeling the creation--artistry--a passion of a kind 
Creating sights, inviting places we share and find. 
Envisions people's walk throughout life; 
Maybe happy times, or some sad; some strife 
Carrying moralities sharing openly in mind 
Feeling the love, hope, despair, or dismay
Offerings we crafted out upon paper into a display 
Our life's written in glory or our pains we flay. 
Whipped into perfection the Poet's lines say,
The morals we share with one another each varied way 
The "Spice of Life" some say this day

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Quote from William Cowper's Poem: "The Task" (1785)
"Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all
it's flavor."

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Spice O` Life