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We Must Believe in Something


When we were young and taught that God
is our heavenly father who gave his only
begotten son to die on the cross for our
sins, it was hard to understand that
their were three persons in God!!God the
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. (All in one).

We all have our own beliefs who we think
God is, power of the universe, and we all are
his beloved children with free wills.
So many believe in God Consciousness, in which
it is only manifested in our subconscious, that
there is a God who created us out of his own
image and likeness.

I believe it is far more complex ed than that
actually we are all, our own gods, created from
one God..The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

As we go through life, we learn, and tested to
see how strong we are, and in time, if we become
aware enough, we will hear the inner voice of
God, Our Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, maker
of all man kind, in our own souls.

If we follow what our inner voice speaks
everyday, we will have no need to be confused
trying to find out who we are, we will know
without a thought, we knew right from the
moment who we were, when we were born., it
was installed in our minds, what we were to
believe, and why we had to believe, from our own
parents, and their parents before them, through
generations of living.

In time we will awaken, finding out who we are
and why we were all born in God's image, till
than, we shall pray to God to give us strength
to do what has to be done, to pray for world
peace, to find love within all hearts, and find the
inner light that we all must let shine to radiate
the truth and knowledge of our own existence
here on earth..

(God is All Power of the Mighty Universe)

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)


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