Tattoos in Mayberry

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Maybe I'm a rat,
maybe I'm a mouse
Maybe I'm a masked marauder
sneaking in your house

I could slither like a lizard.
a cotton-mouthed snake.
It depends
on how much extra money
you might care to stake.

Maybe I'm a howling wolf
hungry for a meal.
Maybe I'm a grizzly bear
with a honey of a deal.
Maybe I'm a minister
or maybe I'm a king
Maybe I'm your nemesis
Or a song you love to sing
I could be most anything
Above or below your station
inject me intravenously
and I'll square your situation

Maybe I'm your hopes and dreams
or maybe I'm your scourge
Maybe I'm cold thunderous silence
Or your departing words.
  Best be mindful
of the present moment
listen closely to the breeze.
And don't forget 
to take a breath
to clear your head .
when this life
drops you to your knees.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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